Hypothyroidism and Memory Loss – Lifestyle And Dietary Changes That May Help

April 3, 2013 3 Comments by Rusty Doyle
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hypothyroidism and memoryA condition where thyroid hormone is lacking in the body, hypothyroidism essentially runs the metabolism of the body. For this reason, it is not hard to understand that persons with this condition will go through symptoms of hypothyroidism memory loss that are related to metabolism that is slow. In addition, individuals with autoimmune thyroid and thyroid conditions have memory loss problems and have a hard time concentrating. This affects those with hyperthyroidism as well as hypothyroidism and people with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Graves’ Disease. Frequently, the issue is due thyroid hormone imbalanced but can stem from various factors.

Tips for Hypothyroidism and Memory Loss

If you have just recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, it is a good idea to incorporate lifestyle changes, diet and remedies that will assist in keeping your memory strong as you deal with symptoms and effects of hypothyroidism and memory.

Hypothyroidism and Memory – Lifestyle Changes




Journal Writing


Challenge your brain with puzzles, etc.

Avoid Smoking

Hypothyroidism and Memory – Dietary Changes

Avoid coffee, sugar, alcohol, additives, food coloring

Increase: green tea, water, protein, fish lecithin

Hypothyroidism and Memory – Herbal Medicine Additions

Siberian Ginseng – Anti-Fatigue, Memory, Anti-Inflammatory, Antidepressant

Schisandra – Sedative Properties

Rosemary –  Improve Memory

Rhodiola – improve mood and alleviating depression 

Gotu Kola – Circulatory Stimulant

Bacopa (Brahmi) – Improve Mental Functioning

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Hypothyroidism and Memory – Nutrition Additions


Vitamin E

Vitamin B’s

Phosphatidyl Serine

Phosphatidyl Choline

Fish Oil

Co Enzyme Q10


Hypothyroidism and Memory – Homeopathics Additions

Symptoms of hypothyroidism memory loss will not be identically matched by every description. For this reason, select the remedies that describe you best.

Lycopodium- for poor concentration, weak memory, low confidence, dyslexia, failing brain power.

Conium- forgets words, places, dates, has depression, fears being alone, poor concentration, poor comprehension and very gradual loss of memory.

Baryta carb- forgetfulness of what you wanted to say, low confidence, slow action and though and memory loss.

Anacardium- weak memory, indecisive, low confidence, dreamy and absent minded.

Hypothyroidism and Memory – Flower Essences

Symptoms of hypothyroidism memory loss will not be identically matched by every description. For this reason, select the remedies that describe you best.

FES: Flower Essence Society Remedies

Bach: Bach Flower Remedies

Rosemary (FES) Helps to ground ‘spacey’ personalities, easily forgetful and foggy thinking.

Peppermint (FES) Increases alertness, for mentally lethargic

Madia (FES) Enhances concentration and focus

Clematis (BACH) For space cadets.

Keep in mind that individuals with hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism have hard time concentrating and go through hypothyroidism memory loss. At times this is caused by anti-thyroid medication and synthetic thyroid hormones used for balancing levels of the thyroid hormone. Knowing what to do to combat the resulting memory loss and actually putting that knowledge into practice is half the battle.

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Hypothyroidism and Memory Loss

Article Reference : Duncan Capicchiano N.D.

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