Hypothyroidism Brain Fog – Signs, Symptoms & Treatment For A Foggy Brain

June 21, 2013 1 Comment by Rusty Doyle
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Hypothyroidism Brain FogHave you recently gotten a hypothyroidism diagnosis from your health care provider? If yes you may have wondered whether or not you are feeling a condition called ‘brain fog.’ You may have noticed that your memory capacity has become short term and over a period of 2-months has worsened. There are other symptoms that may accompany this including a difficult time with concentration. Instead of panicking, you may want ask your health care provider about brain fog.

Hypothyroidism Brain Fog: A Sign of a Low Thyroid

A sign of low thyroid functioning, there are many effective methods to treat this condition which can be frustrating. There are available medications for regulating the thyroid and there are many natural ways of treating symptoms.

Hypothyroidism And Brain Fog: Low Thyroid and Mental Symptoms

Hypothyroidism also includes mental symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, slow speech and memory difficulties. Thyroid function that is below par is also related to depression. Women who are pregnant and don’t have treatment for their low thyroid put a great risk for defects of birth on their unborn children, including serious issues that have to do with mental development.

Hypothyroidism and a Foggy Brain 

When hypothyroidism is something you are going through, this is an indication that your thyroid gland is not producing sufficient hormone thyroids. This deficit of hormones causes the organs of the body to function improperly, which puts you at risk for disorders that are neurodegenerative. Neuropathy that is peripheral is indicated in patients of hypothyroidism, which causes a communication breakdown between the brain and the nerves.

Hypothyroidism Brain Fog: Alleviating Brain Fog

Synthetic thyroid hormones are used to treat hypothyroidism. This is an effective treatment in the relief of mental and physical symptoms of a thyroid that is functioning below norm. It is also a good idea to get tests for anaemia. Brain fog caused by low blood counts can be treated with supplements of iron. If you have Grave’s Disease or other conditions related to the thyroid, you can get your levels of vitamin B12 tested. Often, diseases that are related to the thyroid often lead to difficulty in vitamin B12 absorption.

Hypothyroidism Brain Fog Treatment: Brain Fog Treatment

Ensure that in your diet, there is enough iodine. Many times, patients with low thyroid function and brain fog suffer from deficiencies in iodine. One rich iodine source is seaweed. Boosting your levels of iodine usually results in relief of symptoms of fatigue. Often, low metabolism is also linked to hypothyroidism. For the relief of symptoms of depression and to help in boosting metabolism, it is essential that you exercise. In order for you to get the biggest mental benefits from exercising, getting involved in outdoor activity is essential so that you can absorb high amounts of the D vitamin. Without a doubt, if brain fog is something you are going through, the cause may be a low thyroid. Aside from brain fog, other results of a low thyroid are speech issues, having a hard time concentrating and depression. The treatment most effective is synthetic medication for the thyroid aside from a supplement that your health care provider may recommend to boost metabolism and brain health.

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Hypothyroidism Brain Fog

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