Hypothyroidism Mood Swings – Is Your Thyroid Making You Miserable

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hypothyroidism mood swingsYour mood can be affected by thyroid disease, mainly causing either depression or anxiety. In general, you will experience mood changes that are more severe when your thyroid disease is severe as well.

You will experience depression and fatigue if you have an underactive thyroid. For those suffering from overactive thyroid, you might experience irritability, anxiety, restlessness and nervousness.

Hypothyroidism Mood Swings – Not the Only Symptom

It is not likely that depression, anxiety and other emotional symptoms will be the only evidence of having hypothyroidism. In addition, symptoms and signs that are associated with thyroid disease also include menstrual irregularities, changes in bowel movement, sensitivity to cold and hot and weight loss or weight gain.

For patients that are hypothyroid, it is a scenario that is quite common especially when the condition is not diagnosed. You go to your health care practitioner, complain about your emotional swings, anxiety or depression and not being able to concentrate and you get a prescription for lithium, anti-anxiety or depression.

This scenario is a problem since your mental health problem or anxiety is not an unrelated or a unique illness. More likely it is having low active thyroid hormone amounts or T3. It can also be from insufficient adrenals. For patients treated with other T4 medications, Levothyroxine, Eltoxine, Levoxyl or Synthroid, this is a common occurrence.

Thyroid Mood Swings – Low Thyroid Hormones

The commonly occurring poorly functioning, sluggish adrenals plus low thyroid hormones can play various behavioural and emotional disturbances and symptoms including mental aberrations, compulsive/obsessive disorders, dementia, confusion, paranoid schizophrenia, irritability, rage, bi-polar and other mood swings, excessive fear and anxiety.

Thyroid and Mood Swings – Thyroid Function

If your psychiatrist or physician checks the function of your thyroid with the right laboratory tests, free T4 and free T3 plus antibodies and a twenty-four hour saliva test for adrenal function, he or she would have prescribed the right medication from the start.

Thyroid hormones triiodothyronine and thyroxine (T3 and T4 respectively) not just play a role in your metabolic endocrine health, immune and nervous systems, these also play a large part in the optimal functioning and the health of your brain. This includes your emotions, attention span, memory, abilities to concentrate, mood and cognitive function. If the action of T3 is blocked or you lack T3, the entire cascade of abnormalities in the neurotransmitters may begin and result in energy and mood changes which include depression.

Does Thyroid Affect Mood – Low Levels of Cortisol

Aside from the psychological and psychiatric disorders that T3 levels cause, low levels of cortisol is another culprit. Even when you are feeling comfortable with your thyroid treatments, the result of cell receptors not getting adequate blood thyroid levels can result in low cortisol.

This explains some behavioural and emotional symptoms even when you happen to be on the right medication for thyroid. This includes feeling like you don’t want to leave your home, not able to tolerate loud noise or stress, looking for quiet and peace, going through rage, suicidal ideation, feeling hypersensitive to other people’s comments, obsessive compulsive tendencies, panic and bipolar are just some of what a person might go through.

Hypothyroidism Mood Swing Treatments – Appropriate Treatments

As a general rule, getting appropriate medication blocking the ability of your body to replace missing thyroid hormones or produce new thyroid hormones will tend to improve both physical and emotional symptoms that the thyroid disease causes.

Hypothyroidism & Mood Swings – The Solution

If some of the above-mentioned issues of mental health are something you see in your own behavior or when family members and friends point this out to you, find a health care practitioner that will test your free T4 with antibodies. If you find this to be below mid-range T3 or if you have an attack of autoimmunity going against your thyroid, you might want to discuss medication options.

When you find that your free T3 is above range or high and still go through issues of mental health, the missing puzzle piece might be your adrenal glands.

Hypothyroidism Mood Swings

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