Hypothyroidism Muscle Pain – Tips That May Reduce Symptoms

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Hypothyroidism Muscle PainA variety of muscle pain symptoms can be caused by hypothyroidism. These are known as myopathy, which is the term in medical communities for a disease that affects the muscles of the skeleton.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism muscle pain include tendonitis in the legs and arms, general pain in the joints including arthropathy which is joint stiffness, achiness and pain. Stiffness that includes cramps, pain and weakness in the muscles generally is included in the list of symptoms.

When it comes to hypothyroidism and muscle pain, aside from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, other symptoms include Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome which is burning, tingling pain and other discomforts in the bottom of the foot, foot arch and even extending to the toes.

With no regard to the hypothyroidism causes, manifestations that are musculoskeletal and neuromuscular are observed with people who have hypothyroidism.

These can occur at any time in the process of the disease. These include weakness, stiffness, aching and pain that are usually mild. Typically, hypothyroid myopathy manifests as myopathy that is polymositis-like with an increased creatine kinase level and proximal muscle weakness. On the other hand it also makes a manifestation as muscle enlargement which is called Hoffman syndrome in adults.

Daily Lifestyle Changes That May Reduce Hypothyroidism Joint and Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain Hypothyroidism – Lifestyle Exercises That May Help Your Discomfort.

  • Pilates – For Core Strength and Balance.
  • Yoga – For Core Strength and Balance.
  • Stretching – To Lengthen Muscle Tissue and Relive Tension.
  • Gentle Weight Training Exercises – To strengthen muscle groups and core stability.

Muscle and Joint Pain with Hypothyroidism – Herbal Medicines You Can Add To Your Diet That May Relieve Symptoms

  • Valerian – May Help In Pain Relief.
  • Turmeric 
  • Mexican Valerian – May Improve Concerntration
  • Lavender – May Aid In Relaxation And Inflammation.
  • Kelp – Important For A Heathy Thyroid.
  • Kava kava – For Mental Clarity And Patients.
  • Ginger – May Help With Muscle Pain.
  • Feverfew – May Be A Good Anti-Inflammatory
  • Devil’s Claw – May Help With Muscle Pain.
  • Cramp Bark – May Help As A Muscle Relaxant.
  • Corydalis – May Help With Nerve Damage.
  • Cat’s Claw – May Be A Good Anti-Inflammatory.
  • Boswellia – May Be A Good Anti-Inflammatory.

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Hypothyroidism With Muscle Pain – Vitamins To Include In Your Daily Nutrition

  • Vitamin B’s – Helps With Stress.
  • Methylsulfonylmethan (MSM) – May Help With Joint Pain.
  • Magnesium – Helps Relax The Muscle

Hypothyroidism and Muscle Pain – Homeopathics To Add

Your symptoms will not be identically matched with every description so selecting the remedies that describe you best is recommended.

Ruta– sore all over, weakness and stiffness in joints, deep ache in bone, tendons and joints.

Rhus tox– stiff and painful joints and muscles, feels beaten, numbness, weak, worse for initial motion, better for motion, heavy limbs.

Causticum– joints, tendons and muscle stiffness, feels crushed, weak and restless.

Hypothyroidism Muscle Pain – Flower Essences To Add

Your symptoms will not be identically matched with every description so selecting the remedies that describe you best is recommended.

FES– Flower Essence Society Remedies

(FES) Dogwood- deep within the body emotional trauma, awkward and painful bodily areas

(FES) Dandelion- body muscles are especially over tense

Finding which symptoms match yours and taking the appropriate recommended herb after consulting with your physician may help in pain reduction. Remember that pain is dramatically reduced with adequate replacements of the thyroid hormone.

It is a good idea to remember that persons with hypothyroidism in the most common forms have more risks of developing other diseases of the autoimmune system such as arthritis. If swelling, stiffness and pain do not improve after adequate treatments of your thyroid, it is a good idea to see your doctor.

Hypothyroidism Muscle Pain

Article Reference : Duncan Capicchiano N.D.

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